Charentsavan Youth on the Platform of Combating Human Trafficking

Fourth year constantly “ART Sight studio” together with the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of RA implements “Youth awareness campaign against human trafficking” project. The project seeks to reduce the risk of human trafficking and migration, educate youth on the themes of human rights with the help of trainings and an interactive computer game. The program implements in the youth capital of the current year of RA. This year’s training and game was held in Charentsavan (Youth Capital 2017).

The programs aims to inform and educate youth on human trafficking, rights, migration, cyber security, as well as historical and cultural themes of Charentsavan. After the training participants were given two weeks to strengthen gained knowledge and to do their best to prepare for upcoming game.  As an auxiliary aid, youth were provided by presentations and links on human trafficking, rights, cyber security, migration, and culture of Charenstavan.

On May 27, the competitive game was held in the library of Charentsavan. Five groups (“Azg”, “Azgayin vogi”, “Antitraff”, “Azatutyun” and “CanWill”) were formed from the youth participated in the training.  The participants wore pre-prepared T-shirts and hats symbolizing Armenian flag.

The transparency and objectivity was ensured by the specific computer game. The program is designed as each team can see the correct answer after the response, how much time took the answer and what status they have on the competition table. 

The process was as follows: the conductor reads the prehistory, afterwards the question. During specific seconds, the team chooses the answer. It is noteworthy that in calculating the results two facts are separated: the correct response and flexibility. Based on regulation the winner team will be the one which collects more points in the shortest period of time.

50 questions were declared about human trafficking, rights, cyber security, migration and culture.  The whole process was in healthy competition by organizers, spectators and team fans. The victory guarantee of the teams was fundamental knowledge and proactivity.

From the beginning “Azatutyun” team took its stable place with excellent results, but all the teams were competing for the first place.

The enthusiasm and emotions of the competing teams, young fans and audience were visible throughout the game. Fans encouraged and heartened the teams by posters, applauses, encouraging comments and funny phrases.

The game host David Grigoryan (Famous Armenian Actor) announced the names of the winning teams.

The fifth place was held “Azgayin vogi” team. Parandzem Grigoryan (Representative of “Azgayin vogi” team) said: “I liked the project and the approach. It was motivating to see the atmosphere and the game host whom I love very much. Every detail was taken into account, ranging from the shirts and hats. It’s a pity that we lost, but our friends deserved the victory. I will work again with your team with great pleasure.”



The fourth place took “Azg” team. Agbar Aghasaryan (Team member of “Azg”) shared his feelings: “This is a very interesting game, I am very impressed. The project gave us multi-functional knowledge. I am more than satisfied with the project and its organizers”.

Third place was awarded “Antitraff” team.  Every member of the team was awarded wireless computer mouse.

Ani Davtyan (Representative of “Antitraff” team) shared her impressions. “The game went very well. I liked it. It was very effective and informative. Through the game, it is easier to gain new knowledge. I give great importance to this approach”.

The second place took “CanWill” team and each member of the team awarded multifunctional radio.

Vahan Parsadanyan (Representative of “CanWill” team) noted that the target training and game served its main purpose thanks to the organizers and experts.

First place was awarded to ‘’Azatutyun’’ with the most correct answers in the shortest period of time. Representatives of this team were awarded Karaoke with its microphones.

Taguhi Baghdasaryan (Representative of “Azatutyun” team) said: “Recently I participated in a number of projects, but this one was special. Me and my team-members gained experience and knowledge through training and game.”

Tigran Tsaturyan (Reserve player of the same team) mentioned, that even he did not participate in the game, but he has been with his team throughout the preparation process, empowered and supported the team-members and was very happy and proud for their success. “This is my achievement, too” said Tigran.

Mary Hovakimyan (Vice President of the Youth Organization of Charentsavan NGO) said that “Azatutyun’s” victory was based on unity, cohesion and well-developed strategy.

Garnik Beglaryan (President of Youth Organization of Charentsavan NGO) thanked the organizers and the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs for the training, competitive game, awareness raising campaign, and for positive and wonderful emotions.

At the end of the game Arzuman Harutyunyan, (Director of “Art Sight” studio) presented the awards and urged young people to be informed and aware of their rights to avoid trafficking.

Lusine Mnatsakanyan, Assistant to Vache Gabrielyan, (Vice Prime Minister, Minister of International Economic Integration and Reforms of the Republic of Armenia the President of Anti-Trafficking Working Group) attending to seminar and game, noted that it was justified.

-I want to thank all the teams, participants, supporting funs and the presents. I am very happy that today’s youth tends to be aware and informed. I want to thank Mr. Harutyunyan and his awesome team for excellent work,-added Lusine Mnatsakanyan.

Arzuman Harutyunyan thanked to all direct and indirect organizers of the project: Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, “Art Sight” studio, Charentsavan Youth organization NGO, Library and SME Center of Charentsavan.

Arzuman Harutyunyan specially thanked to the experts, as through their professionalism and efforts the training and the game was informative and productive, which allows Youth of Charentsavan to escape from trafficking.

The photos of the events are available here.