Gyumri Youth against trafficking

Third year constantly “ART Sight studio” together with the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Armenia implements “Youth awareness campaign against human trafficking” project, which seeks to reduce the risk  of trafficking and migration with the help of trainings and an interactive game.

The program is used to be carried out in the places, which has been declared “The Youth Capital”. Trainings and interactive games have already been held in Sisian and Stepanavan cities, and this year the project implemented in Gyumri (Youth Capital 2016).

As direct beneficiaries of the project 20 young people were recruited from Gyumri. The participants were students, high school pupils, and volunteers from governmental and social organizations, educators and developers.

In October 2016 the training course of the project was in Gyumri Youth Palace. It was aimed to educate the participants about human trafficking, migration, historical and cultural values of Gyumri.

The trafficking expert Robert Grigoryan explained the concept of trafficking, presented and commented the statistic data in Armenia and in the whole world. He also highlighted and explained in details what cases are to be called Trafficking cases.  The speaker also referred to the concept of combating trafficking, national plan, the functions of the various institutions and the ways to eliminate this problem.

During the seminar the migration expert Tatevik Bejanyan spoke about migration, migration flows and adjacent problems. She elucidated who are the migrant, worker and the refugee. The speaker also gave a general description of what is deportation and readmission and Schengen Agreement. She commented the RA residents’ sequence of actions to obtain legal status in the country where he/she is. She specifically singled out what every RA citizen should know before leaving for Russia (For Armenians Russia is the country where due to stats they seek for job) and what documents are required to work in Russia. Here also was spoken about visas and the timing of the update mechanisms.

On the last part of the meeting the cultural expert Lilit Makaryan drew participants’ attention on Gyumri history. She talked about the views, origins of the city, creation of the symbol of Gyumri… Here also was spoken about old and new buildings, monuments, thematic books, movies and famous people from Gyumri.  

The workshop summarized Arzuman Harutyunyan, who gave answer and explanation to participant’s questions by guiding and motivating youth to increase awareness and improve knowledge on above mentioned.

After seminar the participants were given one month to strengthen new knowledge and prepare for upcoming game. The young participants were given presentations and web links about trafficking, migration and cultural topics for better preparation for the game.

As it was planned after the training on November 26 the competitive game was launched in Gyumri Information Technologies Center (GITC).

From 20 young people who participated the workshop, formed 5 teams. The participants wore pre-prepared clothes and hats which were symbolizing Armenian flag.

For the impartiality and objectivity of the game here was used a specific computer program. The program is designed as each team can see the correct answer after the response, how much time took the answer and what status they have on the competition table. 

The process was as follows: the conductor reads the prehistory afterwards the question. During sixty seconds, the team chooses the answer. It is noteworthy that in calculating the results two facts are separated: the correct response and flexibility. Based on regulation the team which collects more points in the shortest period of time will win.

The game was intensive and obviously a struggle was going between the teams. “ART”, “Trichq”, “Help me”, “Yuventus” and “Tigran Mets” teams were competing. Each team tried to outstrip of its competitors by knowledge and flexibility. These were the reasons that the teams were constantly changing their places throughout the game.

45 questions were declared. 15 questions were about human trafficking, 15 about migration and 15 about cultural values of Gyumri. The whole process was in healthy competition mode by encouraging the direct and indirect participation of the organizers, spectators and team fans.

The game was over and conductor David Grigoryan announced the winners.

The fifth place was “Tigran Mets” team that had scored 21 units in 385 seconds.

In the fourth place was the “Help me” team, that had collected 31 points in 448 seconds.


The third place was “Yuventus” team that had scored 35 points for 388 seconds. Each participant of this team was awarded a SELFIE monopod.

The second place was “Trichq” team that had scored 35 units in 299 seconds. The representatives of this team were rewarded with wireless headphones.

First place was “ART” team that gave 37 correct answers out of 45 questions in 311 seconds. Representatives of this team were awarded musical centers.

These were not the whole prizes.

The director of Gyumri Information Technologies Center Amalia Yeghoyan added. “The winner team by the help of GITC mentors is encouraged to create game for the fight against human trafficking by Java programming language.        

Additionally, Gyumri Youth Palace awarded all the 5 teams prizes symbolizing Gyumri’s history and culture.

All the awards were targeted and specific chosen. They are indispensable for healthy lifestyle.

The direct and indirect organizers of the workshop and the game: “ART Sight studio,” Gyumri Municipality, Gyumri Youth Palace, Gyumri Technology Center, “Tsayg” TV company of Gyumri, gave Gyumri youth opportunity to improve and strengthen their knowledge by brilliantly conducting their work.

The photos of the events are available here:

Video report of “Tsayg” TV company  on the workshop and game. (watch 4:24-7:54)