Law protection of Trafficking victims’ Clarification for the representatives of Gegharkunik and Tavush provinces

On 27 of September AAVR team visited Sevan city, where was organized a workshop for public and private sector representatives of Gegharkunik and Tavush provinces. Gavar, Vardenis, Martuni, Sevan, Dilijan and Tchambarak cities’ guardianship centers, the state employment agency, security surveillance, social workers, municipalities and public works volunteers were involved in the seminar.  The format was: Awareness of the new law, determining the trafficking concept and giving description of the forced labor. The feature of the seminar was the activity participants with demonstrations of debates and heated discussions. The training was conducted by the experts Davit Tumasyan, Arzuman Harutyunyan, and Nver Sargsyan.

The experience has also shown that the group-exercises strengthen already provided theory.

The experts explained the concept of trafficking and the sector regulating legislation. During the workshop it was clearly presented the personal data protection of trafficked victims, state and non-state assistance programs for them.

This time, as well, the experience has shown that the training strengthens the provided theory.

The exercises were aimed at finding out whether the participants understood the essence and possible consequences of forced labor, the support of trafficked and explored victims, their protection, as well as the identification and referral mechanisms of the alleged victims. The participants were divided into several groups. Here they discussed and presented their views, separated by a series of measures and the functions of the supporting structures.

It is noteworthy that during the final group work, when the participants analyzed specific situations with the help of experts, it was already visible the provided information from the training in paticipants’ observations.

During the final group-work, when experts were analyzing specific situations, it was remarkable, that the given information of the participants were visible in their observations.

The photos of the event are available here: