Mobile applications

Ban Human Trafficking APP


Available for IOS and Android Devices

This mobile Application was produced with the aim to educate the users about the issue of human trafficking and prevention of this type of crime. By playing this interactive game, the users will be able to get acquainted with different types and stages of trafficking in human beings, from recruitment, exploitation and escape from the trafficking ring in different situations. By playing this game the users will be able to recognize similar situations in everyday life, and thus will protect themselves and the people they know.

Red light traffic APP


Available for IOS, Android and Windows Phone Devices

These kinds of games are simple ways to say “No” to human trafficking. There’re four steps how the game works. The first step is to recognize the signs. With this application, the users will learn the signs. Next time there is a red flag, the users will be able to recognize it.  The next step is to report. Victims may be unable to speak up and get the help they need. This application is a discreet, anonymous way to make a difference by informing about what you know. The third step is to recover… When you speak up about what you see, you enable police and trained responders to catch the trafficker and help the victims. The last step is to release. You can free the world from slavery, one community at a time. The Redlight Traffic application is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and  for Windows Phone. This application is currently being developed for use with Android devices.

Slavery Footprint APP (1)


Available for IOS and Android Devices

With the Made in a Free World app, you can check in at stores, asking brands about slavery in their supply chain as you shop. There are many products in the world that we use in everyday life. That can be a shirt, a mobile phone and coffee. For example a shirt that you wear likely contains cotton that was picked by children in Uzbekistan who are forced to trade their school days for days in the fields. Another example is your phone. Your phone has Capasitors that are made with Coltan. 64% of Coltan reserves are located in Congo where child laborers are work from sunrise to sunset. Even the coffee that we drink can contain some elements of trafficking. There are estimated 200,000 child slaves working in Ivory Coast alone, harvesting 40% of the world’s cocoa beans for making coffee beans. By this application you may ask the brands about their products and the staff. By being informed you’ll not only be protected but you’ll also protect the people around you. Your voice is important.


Available for IOS and Android Devices

The “FREEDOM!” application is a globally available anti-human trafficking mobile application that empowers individual victims and communities to anonymously and safely report cases of human sex trafficking in 10 languages at three main levels. Those main levels are: the victims, the traffickers and suspicious activity. This application was created by aims to identify and rescue victims of human trafficking as well as target human trafficking organizations and bring them to justice in cooperation with trusted law enforcement agencies and other NGOs. It is impossible to be everywhere at once and to fight against trafficking alone. That is why we need your support. With your help we can increase the reach of our information gathering and spread our net wider everyday to help identify victims and catch those criminals responsible for human trafficking.