Palladium International, LLC

  1. Name of the project
    Data for Impact Counter-Trafficking: D4I C-TIP
  2. Duration of the project
    2 years
  3. Funding
  4. Key objectives and tasks of the project
    Support the Government of the Republic of Armenia to:
    – effectively implement and monitor the 2020⁠–⁠2022 National Action Plan (NAP);
    – strategically communicate the issues surrounding C-TIP and the country’s response with key stakeholders, at-risk population, and the public at large;
    – collect accurate and multi-sectoral data on trafficking;
    – develop data bases;
    – use data for developing strategies, evaluating the implementation of on-going projects and planning next steps.
  5. Stakeholders
    Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MOLSA), other agencies involved in combating human trafficking, non-governmental organzations