The world has 21 million slaves – and millions of them live in the west

Between 2003-2011, 2,700 charcoal camp workers in Brazil were liberated from conditions akin to slavery. Seven percent of slaves live in North America or the EU, but the problem is global. We must invest in protocols that work to fight trafficking and exploitation.
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The scars of modern slavery: trafficked people with severe mental illness

The phenomenon of human trafficking, the exploitation of one human by another, takes place across the globe and predominately targets women and children, writes an NIHR Post-doctoral Research Fellow in the Oxford University Department of Psychiatry and a consultant in child and adolescent psychiatry in the department of Children’s Psychological Medicine at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Mina Fazel, who presented recently a research “Characteristics of trafficked adults and children with severe mental illness: a historical cohort study” to the #AntiSlaveryDay (This Day falls on 18th of October in UK as another opportunity to host events aimed at drawing attention to the issues of human trafficking and slavery). Read more